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Riding Against the Tide: Meenakshi Das's Solo Motorcycle Odyssey

Until recently, the name Meenakshi Das was unfamiliar to most of us. However, this changed dramatically a few days ago when she arrived in Swansea, marking a significant milestone in her extraordinary journey. Meenakshi, a member of the small but vibrant Assamese community, has embarked on a remarkable solo motorcycle adventure across the globe, covering an astounding 67 countries. To date, she has traversed 33 countries on her trusty Bajaj motorbike, with determination and courage as her only companions.

Our local community had the pleasure of welcoming Meenakshi at a special gathering hosted by Bulbul Gohain, with notable attendees including Chantal Patel, the Chairperson of the Indian Society of South West Wales. What struck the most about Meenakshi was her unwavering focus and the sheer steel of her resolve. Her journey is one of mental and physical endurance, taken on without a support team or financial backing— a truly mind-boggling expedition by any measure.

During her visit, Meenakshi was presented with a few gifts to express our deep admiration for her endeavors. Furthermore, with the same sentiment of support, our own Dwijen Baruah from the Swansea Assamese community handed over an envelope containing an appreciation card and a modest cash donation collected by members of UAAUK to aid her journey costs. Though we wished to contribute more, our spirits and hopes accompanied the contribution.

Meenakshi, we send you off with heartfelt wishes for success and the assurance that your achievements will resonate not just within our community but across Assam and beyond. We are immensely proud of you and have no doubt that you will accomplish your goal within the proposed timeframe. Ride on, Meenakshi, as every mile you conquer sings praises of your indomitable spirit.

With all our best wishes,

Members of UAAUK

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