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Highlights from the UAAUK Annual General Meeting 2024

The United Assam Association UK (UAAUK) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on March 23, 2024, at All Saint’s Church in Sutton Coldfield. The meeting, chaired by the President, began at 3 PM and welcomed both new and returning members, highlighting their vital contributions to the community.

Key points from the meeting included:

Financial Overview: The Treasurer presented a robust financial report from 2023, noting a healthy reserve that sets a solid foundation for future events and initiatives.

Charity Status Transition: Dr. Dwijen Baruah is leading the transition to charity status, expected to boost our support for Assamese cultural initiatives.

Trustees Election: Out of 16 available positions for trusteeship, 10 new trustees were elected, leaving three positions vacant to be addressed in the next AGM.

Event Planning: Extensive discussions were held about enhancing engagement through upcoming events such as the Annual Picnic, Assam Day, and a potential Diwali celebration.

Student Engagement: Strategies were developed to boost student involvement, possibly through subsidized event participation.

Cultural Programs: The importance of securing a popular guest artist for Assam Day was emphasized to ensure the event's success.

Action items set for implementation include engaging with the Indian High Commissioner, planning the summer picnic, assessing interest in a Diwali celebration, preparing for Assam Day, and seeking funding through advertisements and sponsorships.

The meeting concluded at 5:30 PM, followed by a vibrant Holi celebration, cultural functions, and a delightful dinner that was enjoyed by all attendees.

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